What if the event were a full week-long, at an all-inclusive luxury resort with activities, pool time, and dedicated networking. What if the event ALSO brought in speakers, not just there to sell you more products, but who was there to move the needle forward in your business? Teaching you how to next-level your skills, close more deals, and ultimately get you to your dream faster.
I’ve combined all of these things into one amazing event and it’s been one of the people’s favorite events to attend!

You’re going to be in a luxury all-inclusive resort. This way you don’t need to even think about anything like where to stay, how to get around, where to eat, etc. You can just focus on building relationships, finding the people that are going to help you grow, and more importantly have a good time while doing it.

Are you looking to build your systems & find your ideal team?

If that’s you, we will personally help you scale your wholesaling business to the 6-figure+ per month mark WITHOUT ever having to go to a single property in person, and WITHOUT cold calling… all in less than 12 months!

Our team is looking for a motivated group of individuals who have a wholesaling business who are willing to take action. We can mentor you and help you implement the wholesaling method that has helped us automate our own business.

Apply through our website to see if you are able to qualify for our next TAB Accelerator workshop and come and see how we make millions!